Join us in blogging!

Hello everyone,

You might have probably noticed that we have been very consistent with keeping the ITP blog busy, and we hope you have been enjoying our efforts so far. However, we are convinced that the engagement from you, the fellows, would bring even more energy to the platform!

We would therefore like to encourage you to become actively involved in the content creating. As Emma Croft’s survey report indicates, posts on your current research projects and updates from your institutions are particularly valued by other fellows. So, why not to share and promote your institution among this international audience?

Even though the last year was very prolific in this matter, and many of you contributed a blog post outside the summer programme and legacy projects, there are still some countries which are underrepresented in our blogging sphere. These are Armenia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan and Zimbabwe, just to name a few. If your country is one of them, we would love to hear from you soon (we encourage everyone, but the underrepresented countries in particular)! Please forward a piece of text to us so we can share it with the ITP network.