Introducing The ITP 2019 Fellows

This Saturday, 6 July, the British Museum and the ITP team will welcome the International Training Programme Fellows 2019.  This year’s cohort comprises of 24 countries, including ‘veterans’ such as Egypt or India, as well as the newest additions to the global network – Columbia, Georgia, Romania, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan. Today we want to share with you the biographies of each Fellow, available to view here.

Working on the biographies was a fascinating element of the pre-summer programme process. However, in addition to the personal and professional information provided, we are looking forward to publishing daily blog posts written by the Fellows, which will undoubtedly help to get to know their personalities!

We are all very much looking forward to meeting 2019 Colleagues, and we hope that you will be checking the blog for some news and updates on this year’s summer programme.