ITP from Home: More Updates from Fellows and the ITP Team Share Their Baking!

We’ve been receiving lots of messages and updates from the ITP network by email and in the ITP Facebook group. Thank you so much for everyone’s contributions. As more of us are working from home and experiencing lock-downs, it is more important than ever to keep connected online.

We’ve got some more museums from home to share, but first some of the ITP team have been spending their time baking!

Claire has been busy baking soda bread and most recently a sour cream bundt cake.

Meanwhile, Anna has baked Eccles cakes. These are round cakes of flaky pastry filled with currants.

We also have a couple more updates from the network:

Ala Talebian (Student, Tehran University, Iran, ITP Fellow 2017) has shared some photos of her museum from home. This includes her spring museum; a fine collection of potted plants and flowers. There is also Ala’s fridge museum, which includes gifts she has received from her ITP colleagues.

Ala’s spring museum

We’ve also had an update from Sanjeewani Widyarathne (Education Promoting Officer, Colombo National Museum, Sri Lanka, ITP Fellow 2019). Sanjeewani’s museum has been closed since the 15th March and she has been working from home. Sanjee has been utilising her time at home by reading, including the books she received during the 2019 Summer Programme.

Keep sending us your working from home updates! Share your home cooking, what you are reading, updates from your museum at home, anything you can think of! Thank you all for your submissions!