ITP from Home: New Museum Projects, Home Cooking and Hobbies! (Namrata Sarmah, India, ITP 2018 and Khadijeh Zohreh Baseri, Iran, ITP 2007)

Keep your updates coming for the ITP from Home blog series! The ITP team are continuing to work from home. We look forward to sharing more ITP updates soon.

For this ITP from Home we’ve got more updates from Namrata Sarmah. We have also heard from Khadijeh Zohreh Baseri and her museum from home!

Namrata Sarmah, Project Curator, Directorate of Museums, Government of Assam (India, ITP 2018)

‘I wanted to add a recipe I have tried at home these days: Spiced Sago with peanuts. It was easy to cook and quite nice to have it as snacks. 

And another photo I would like to share of my pink room which is set and organised recently at home. It is very interesting to go through those blogs and realising there are so many things to do at home!

I would like to share about my new project that I am involved in. 

Assam State Museum is opening another district museum in Upper Assam (Dibrugarh District Museum) where I am involved in content development, designing display cases and conceptualisation of the permanent galleries.

The museum aims to be a hub of cultural and educational activities for the district, attracting visitors, heritage enthusiasts and researchers. We are also moving some of the collection from the reserve of our State Museum to permanently display them in the district.

A lot of inputs were taken from Anna Cottle (ITP Coordinator) regarding loan agreements and shipping procedures. Thank you Anna for helping me out and sending me formats and documents!

This will widen the scope of display of the collection which is otherwise in the storage space. We shall share news and images once we inaugurate the museum this year.

I also wanted to share an activity I am doing during lockdown: Dot art on stone collected from the riverside. 

Khadijeh Zohreh Baseri, Officer, Golestan Palace (Iran, ITP 2007)

We’ve received lots of pictures from Zohreh from her Museum from Home.

Firstly, last week the ITP team shared their favourite children’s books for International Children’s Book Day. Like George, Zohreh also read The Adventures of Tintin! The issue you can see in Zohreh’s picture is called The Castafiore Emerald.

Another one of Zohreh’s favourite children’s books is The Story of Doctor Dolittle.

Zohreh has also shared some pictures of her working from her museum from home.

On Zohreh’s shelf, you can see gifts from countries such as India, Africa, Japan, China, Turkey, Iran, South America, Turkmenistan, Greece, Russia, Cyprus and even from ITP!

From Zohreh’s photos we can also see various family photos, and different dolls from different countries at her computer desk. On her shelves are books of Iranian poems and other books by Iranian and foreign writers.

Finally, Zohreh has being doing a lot of home cooking during lock-down. This has included making homemade pizza, lasagne, and carrot cake with cream cheese and pistachio.