Help Shape Our Upcoming Object in Focus Online Exhibition by Completing a Short Questionnaire!

Dear ITP Fellows and colleagues!

We would be hugely grateful if you could spare 5-10 minutes to complete a short questionnaire about our upcoming Object in focus online exhibition!

Link to questionnaire:

This survey has been created by students as Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, who are working with ITP to create an online exhibition based on ITP fellows’ Object in focus projectsTo learn more about the WPI team and about this project, read our blogs about the upcoming online exhibition.
Learn more about the online exhibition project here
Meet the WPI team for 2021 with their introductions in the blog above

The WPI team are really interested to get some input and feedback from the ITP network, who created the work which will be included in the online exhibition. This survey will help them to better understand what you hope to see within the Object in focus online exhibit. Your feedback will directly impact how the team design the online exhibition. All submissions will be anonymous.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation!