An Update From WPI and Thank You for Your Survey Responses!

Hello ITP fellows,

Thank you to everyone that filled out our online exhibition design survey! Your responses have already given us insight on how best to design the Object in focus online exhibition. 

In the coming weeks we will also be reaching out to a few of you to help test our preliminary designs. Stay tuned, and we look forward to working with you all further as we make this project a reality!

Best wishes,
The WPI Team

The WPI team asked the ITP network to share their input and ideas for an upcoming online exhibition based on Object in focus. This survey helped them to better understand what the network hopes to see within the Object in focus online exhibit. This feedback will directly impact how the team design the online exhibition. For more information about this survey and about the project, read the link below.

If you would be interested in helping to test this future online exhibition, please get in touch with the ITP team!