International Training Programme Annual Programme 2021 – Week 2

Written by George Peckham, Assistant, International Training Programme

We have entered week 2 of the ITP Annual Programme 2021 and our 21 fellows are continuing to work through our contextual sessions. These first videos introduce the cohort to the International Training Programme, the British Museum and our department reps, the ITP UK partner museums, and the fellows to each other.

Starting next week we will be hosting live meetings for the fellows to begin to get to know each other and introduce them to their BM department reps. We are very excited to start talking to the fellows digitally, both individually and in groups, and begin networking.

See the whole schedule of the online 2021 annual programme, and the biographies of the fellows by clicking here.

It has been a challenging, but rewarding, learning experience to help put this e-Learning course together. The process has involved learning new computer skills, such as using a Learning Management System and basic editing of videos. I am sure these are skills I will continue using for the ITP beyond the 2021 Annual Programme.

I have also been assisting our contributors to the ITP 2021 ‘core sessions’ by recording their video presentations and uploading their videos and resources onto the e-Learning course. I am looking forward to sharing the first batch of these videos, which are all about Collections Management, on the 30 August.

While it has been new and challenging work, it has been a pleasure to collect all of these video presentations, both from the fellows and the British Museum staff who have contributed to the core sessions. It has been lovely to get to know the fellows from their video introductions, and the presentations given by our museum colleagues around the UK are very interesting and informative. It will be great to begin sharing all of the content with the 2021 fellows, week by week, as we start to work through the different core sessions of the course.

I hope that the 2021 fellows are enjoying working through their course so far. It has been very rewarding to see the course come together and finally go ‘live’.