International Training Programme Annual Programme 2021 – Week 4

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

We are reaching the end of week 4 of ITP 2021 and with it the end of the contextual sessions of our e-Learning!

For the past 4 weeks, the ITP 2021 cohort have been working through videos and resources which introduce them to the International Training Programme, the British Museum, our ITP UK partners, and Culture and Heritage in UK.

Over August we have also started speaking to the fellows over live virtual meetings to introduce them to their British Museum curatorial department representatives. This has helped us to shape how the fellows will spend their time when they can come to the British Museum.

You can read last week’s blog here, where we discussed these first live meetings with the fellows.

Next week we will be releasing the first of our ‘Core Sessions’ as part of our e-Learning. The first core session will be Collections Management. This will cover:

  • Collections Management: Documentation
  • Collections Management: Storage
  • Libraries
  • Archives

Each week we will also be releasing a series of ‘In Discussions’ on current and topical issues in the culture and heritage sector. The first ‘in discussion’ will be about Record and Condition Photography.

We hope the ITP 2021 fellows have enjoyed the first four weeks of contextual sessions. Hopefully it has given the group a good introduction to the ITP, the British Museum and each other! We also hope that these first four weeks have allowed the group to become familiar with using the e-Learning system and accessing the videos and resources.

We are very excited to be releasing the first our core sessions to the fellows and really kick-off ITP 2021. We look forward to hearing their feedback on these sessions and we really hope the group enjoy the modules and take lots away from the videos and resources.

These core sessions will also hopefully kick start more conversations and discussions with the 2021 fellows, and help us to shape their visit to the British Museum.

More updates on ITP 2021 and the core sessions will be coming next week!