International Training Programme Annual Programme 2021 – Week 5

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

This week is week 5 of ITP 2021, which marks the start of our series of core sessions!

We are very excited to be releasing the first our core sessions to the fellows and really kick-off ITP 2021. The first core session will be Collections Management and contains video presentations created by British Museum staff covering:

  • Collections Management: Documentation
  • Collections Management: Storage
  • Libraries
  • Archives
Collections Management: Storage module, as part of the Collections Management core session

There are also written resources shared by the speakers to supplement their videos and provide the fellows with more information about their subject.

Each week we will also be releasing a series of ‘In Discussions,’ which aim to introduce the 2021 cohort to current issues, projects, and programmes in the heritage and cultural sector. The first ‘in discussion’ is about Record and Condition Photography.

In Conversation: Condition and Record Photography

Over the past few months, the ITP team have been planning, organising and recording these core sessions with colleagues around the British Museum. I have been helping a lot colleagues to record their videos, by setting up Zoom meetings with them and recording whilst they give their presentations.

While it has been a lot of work to collect these videos, it has been very interesting to listen and watch these videos, covering various roles and departments of the British Museum. I feel like I have learned a lot about the BM during this process! I hope that the 2021 fellows also find them interesting and informative.

It is very rewarding to start sharing these core session videos with the fellows. Many thanks to our British Museum colleagues who have been helping us with our e-Learning!

Stay tuned for more weekly updates on our ITP 2021 core sessions!