Announcement! ITP Research Support Grant Awarded to Ishaq Mohammed Bello (Nigeria, ITP 2012)

We are excited to announce that Ishaq has received a Research Support Grant for his research project exploring cultural heritage and peace building. Ishaq is Chief Technical Officer (Education) at the National Commission for Museums and Monuments Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria and his project is entitled The Effect of Cultural Heritage on Peace Building In Nigeria: A study of National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria. Ishaq describes his research aims below.

  • The main aims and objective of the study is to examine the effect of Cultural Heritage on Peace-Building in Nigeria.
  • To assert the level of awareness of museums and monuments on culture preservation in Nigeria.
  • To examine how museums and monuments contributed to culture preservation and peace-building in Nigeria.
  • To assert how museum exhibitions can be used as a solution to the national integration and peace building in Nigeria.
  • To examine the challenges confronting museums in preserving cultural heritage and peace building in Nigeria.

Significance of the Study

‘Almost every community, country and continent is experiencing a form of conflict, war or disaster. These wars have claimed lives, antiquities, heritage materials, contemporary arts, galleries, museums, archives, monuments and heritage sites. The aim of this study is to explore the effect of cultural heritage on peace-building in Nigeria: The study will improve the image of the museum to the general public, as well as creating awareness on roles of museums toward promoting cultural heritage and peace-building in Nigeria. In other words, the study will be used to make the public informed of the numerous efforts of the museum in fostering peaceful co-existence and national integration in Nigeria. Thirdly, findings from this research would be of help to the commission and Nigeria at large to understand the place of museums and museum exhibitions in national integration and development.’

201 NCMM Management Retreat

‘Culture and heritage are often considered as the fundamental aspects underpinning a country’s national identity and sovereignty. Cultural heritage including historic buildings, sites, cultures and other invaluable assets are the distinguished elements that encapsulate a nation’s soul and spirit. The study investigates on the effect of Cultural Heritage on Peace Building in Nigeria: a study of National Commission for Museums and Monuments Nigeria. The research methodology will include both quantitative and qualitative surveys. The secondary sources adopted in this study include material like newspapers, magazines, textbooks, internet, journals, government publications, official documents, etc.  The primary data source from 400 questionnaires which will be issued to the respondents (Museum Staffs and Communities Members), and participatory observation during the activities of dialogue, seminars/workshops. It will be later analyse and interpreted.’

2021 NCMM Management Retreat

We’re really looking forward to seeing how this work progresses and Ishaq’s research this will be followed by a short film and a report which we will be sharing with you.

In the past, the ITP has supported fellows from Zimbabwe, Egypt, India, Uganda and Armenia to attend or speak at conferences or carry out research and we would like to extend this offer to the entire network through open application, for conferences and professional research. Due to a very positive response this year, we are extending the budget for this legacy project. Given the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 and travel restrictions, we would encourage in-country conferences or research as opposed to activity involving international travel. Each fellow can apply for up to 60% of the costs incurred by attending the conference or carrying out their research – up to a maximum of £1000. You can read more about the grants here.