ITP Newsletter 2023, Issue 10 – Call for Submissions

ITP Newsletter 2023: Past and present
Call for submissions
Deadline: 31 March 2023

Dear ITP Fellows,

The ITP Newsletter 2023 will be our 10th issue and we feel this marks a significant milestone for our global network.  We would like this issue to be a special celebration of the voices and views across our network.  Remember, this is ‘your’ newsletter and provides a space to share your thoughts, news, projects and programmes.

We are asking all fellows to help us create our newsletter for 2023 – to share news, views and stories from across our global network.

The ITP Newsletter takes you on a global journey through different institutions, collections, staff and audiences. It focuses on how culture and heritage can provide a platform for new thinking, inviting challenging conversations and addressing current issues – both local and global.  It tells our fellows’ stories and is guided by the projects and programmes being delivered by our global network.

You can enjoy all our past ITP Newsletter issues on our website:

The theme of the ITP Newsletter 2023 will be “Past and Present”.  Across the ITP network, museums, galleries, and art institutions are undergoing a variety of transformations; past interpretations are being re-narrated in the present context to create engagement with audiences, and it has become a growing practice to bring changes across institutions as an effort of reinvent and reimagine museum spaces for the audiences of 21st century.

Museums, galleries, and art institutions are always looking for new ways to connect with their audiences and by bringing in contemporary artworks and voices to create new dialogues is one of those ways. Many museums around the world are currently incorporating contemporary art into their spaces; what does this mean to us as museum practitioners, why is it becoming more important, and how are we working within the existing historical, archaeological, and anthropological space? How are we adapting to these changes, and what do they mean for our audiences?

In three sections – Past and Present; Your Collection in Focus and Global Perspectives – we’d like to hear from any of our fellows about their ‘past and past’ experiences in their institutions, sectors or fields of professional research. Fellows could discuss their own institution as well as other museums, exhibitions, events or programme in their home country that they have recently visited or attended. Is your organisation doing anything different to address this need and bring about change? Do you collaborate with living contemporary artists on their artworks, and how do you contextualise existing museum objects with contemporary art forms?

Contemporary art intervention at the Foundling museum

Contemporary art intervention at the Foundling Museum

The newsletter will also include our usual sections which will enable fellows to share news their institutions and collections more generally:-

Did you know that? Where you can tell readers something they may not already know about the cultural sector in your country. 

Spotlight on… opportunity to share an in-depth view of one of the museums/galleries/institutions in our ITP global network.

Bulletin Board where you can share with us what is happening in your institution, i.e., new galleries, exhibitions, community work, special events.

And Global Network News for short descriptions updating us on your personal and professional news.

Send us your piece for the ITP 2023 newsletter to share it among our ITP network, we would like to hear from you.

Here you can find our Call for Submissions which tells you all about the structure and potential content for 2023.

We will be looking forward to receiving your submissions so please send us a contribution – remember, it is ‘your’ newsletter!!