Our year in blogging 2022

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

We wanted to share with you a summary of our year in blogging in 2022. The last year was a busy for ITP and our website. In February, we relaunched our website with a new design and lots of new functions. We have continued to work to improve our website across 2022, and we hope the ITP network have enjoyed exploring it. Despite the new pages and new features, the blog is still an integral part of our website and remains its most popular feature. We are very happy with our last year online, so we are sharing our data below.

in 2022 we published precisely 100 blogs! Our total website views for 2022 was 25,122 views. This is a slight improvement on the previous year, where we saw 23,224 views in 2021. The transition to our new website caused a dip in viewers in the first part of the year, so we are looking forward to seeing how our new website performs with the whole of 2023 ahead. We also had 11,371 unique visitors to our website, which is a big increase from the 9470 visitors we had in 2021.

Our top 5 most popular blogs in 2022:

2022 was a busy year for ITP. We ran two annual programmes this year. The onsite part of the 2021 annual programme took place in March and April 2022. We blogged about the highlights of the programme, which included sharing a film on the 2021 fellows’ Object in focus projects. For the 2022 programme, the participants kept a more traditional ITP daily diary, where the fellows blogged about every other day of the programme. There is still some more ITP 2022 content to share on the blog very soon, including the reports and another film!

Group photo in front of Stonehenge

In 2022 we also ran a number of legacy projects, including ITP Futures, a Tutankhamun co-curation project, Senior Fellow 2022, and the Museum Association Conference. Throughout the year ITP fellows have been applying for ITP grants to help support their attendance at conferences or their own research. We have asked successful applicants to write blogs giving updates about their grants. We have more 2022 grant blogs to share over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those.

Outside of annual programmes and legacy projects, we had 15 blog contributions from ITP fellows. We would like to say a big thank to everyone in the network who wrote for the blog over the last year:

  • Aprille Tijam (ITP 2019, Philippines)
  • Nagwa Bakr (ITP 2019, Egypt)
  • Shambwaditya Ghosh (ITP 2012, Senior Fellow 2015, India)
  • Rema Zeynalova (ITP 2018, Azerbaijan)
  • Nevine Nizar Zakaria (ITP 2012, Egypt)
  • Ma. Yohana Frias (ITP 2018, Philippines)
  • Yu Miao (ITP 2014, China)
  • Meltem Yaşdağ (ITP 2011, Turkey)
  • Sanjeewani Widyarathne (ITP 2019, Sri Lanka)
  • Namrata Sarmah (ITP 2018, India)
  • Jacob Nii Marley (ITP 2019, Ghana)
  • Asmaa Hassan (ITP 2014, Egypt)
  • Ala Talebian (ITP 2017, Iran)
  • Saadu Hashim (ITP 2012, Kenya)
  • Norhan Hassan (ITP 2017, Egypt)

Is your ITP year or country missing from the list of contributors? If so, the ITP network would love to hear from you in 2023!

Markets for farm products on the roadside in Ghana

Here are the top 10 ITP countries from which people viewed the blog in 2022:

  • India – 3,042 views
  • Egypt – 1841, views
  • Philippines – 1178 views
  • Sri Lanka – 791 views
  • Sudan – 532 views
  • Nigeria – 459 views
  • Turkey – 450 views
  • South Africa – 326 views
  • China – 324 views
  • Malaysia – 295 views

Thank you all for your continued support. We hope you have enjoyed the ITP blog 2023! Please continue to engage with us online throughout 2023, we would love to hear from you on the blog so continue sharing your news, experiences and updates!