2022 Conference Grant report and film: Current Trends and Future Directions in Indo-Pacific Archaeology, Vishi Upadhyay (India, ITP 2019)

In 2022, Vishi Upadhyay (Curatorial Associate, Bihar Museum, ITP fellow 2019) successfully applied for a conference support grant, to support her attendance at the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Congress 2022 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

IPPA 2022 conference opening ceremony.

The IPPA is an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to the study of archaeology in the Indo-Pacific region. The organisation aims to promote cooperation in the study of the prehistory and related subjects in the Indo-Pacific.

Vishi Upadhyay standing next to a sign for IPPA22

You can read Vishi’s full conference grant report by clicking here.

Vishi attended the 22nd Congress of the IPPA, which was titled Current Trends and Future Directions in Indo-Pacific Archaeology. The Congress ran over four days and consisted of panel discussions, workshops, seminars, and excursions to local historic landmarks.

Vishi chairing a session at IPPA 2022

Vishi chaired a session at the conference titled Implications of global pandemic Covid-19 on Asian Museums: Redefining Access to Cultural Heritage.

There was also time for Vishi to explore the city of Chiang Mai. You can see some of the highlights for Vishi’s trip in the short film she has made covering her time in Vietnam.

Thank you very much to Vishi for producing his report and short film, and for sharing some of his experiences and learning from this conference.

We have recently announced that ITP Conference and Research Support Grants have reopened for 2023! If you have a place at a conference or a research proposal that needs additional financial support, we might be able to help you. Find out how to apply by visiting our blog here.