Opportunity | Conference and Research Support Grants Now Available for 2023!

The ITP would like to share our new and up-dated conference and research grants offer – If you have a place at a conference or a research proposal that needs additional financial support, we might be able to help you.

Full ITP research and conference grant advert.

In response to fellows seeking support to attend conferences and carry out research, the ITP will be offering financial assistance to attend and participate in conferences and to conduct research which develop professional skills in the museum and heritage sector.

The ITP is offering fellows financial assistance to attend and participate in conferences and to conduct research which will develop their professional skills in the museum and heritage sector. In the past ITP has supported fellows from Egypt, India, Uganda, Armenia, Zimbabwe, Romania, Philippines, Nigeria and China to attend or speak at conferences or carry out research.

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We would like to extend this offer to the entire network again in 2023, through an open application process.

Each fellow can apply for up to a maximum of £1000 of the costs incurred by attending the conference or carrying out their research. Any further costs must come from another source. Costs may include conference fees, research related expenses and travel, visa application process costs, travel and accommodation related to the research or conference.

Your Application

Successful fellows will be able to demonstrate the relevance of attending a conference or carrying out research, to their professional needs and development. The ITP team would also like to see how an applicant’s conference attendance or proposed research draws on experiences from the ITP summer programme and legacy work.

This opportunity will be granted to fellows who have a proven track record (with the ITP, in their personal or professional lives) of good time management and to those who are organised and understand the importance of regular communication and report writing to the ITP team and ITP funders. In terms of a research grant application, experience of writing and research related interest and experience is also desirable.

Please only apply if you are comfortable arranging and booking your own accommodation and travel, researching the type of visa needed for your travel and filling in the application independently. This is a grant to support successful applicants financially, and while we always offer support and advice, on this occasion we cannot offer to manage your logistical arrangements.


Pre conference or research related activity/travel, successful fellows will:

  • email, at agreed stages, to update the ITP team on visa application deadlines and accommodation and travel bookings
  • find out if the conference is in an ITP country and whether other ITP fellows are attending the conference and for research related trips, find out if this is in an ITP country. If yes, organise to meet with available members of the network.

At conference/during research related activity, successful fellows will:

  • provide the ITP team with regular updates on days of travel and departure
  • if possible, meet with other ITP fellows.
  • consider how you will share the information from the conference or research period with the ITP network.

Post conference/following research:

Within 4 weeks of return from conference or completion of research fellows will have emailed the ITP team with

  • a breakdown of expenditure and receipts for spent ITP funds (using an ITP template)
  • reimbursement for any unexpected leftover ITP funds
  • a report (using an ITP template) to demonstrate what you learnt and how you benefitted from the conference or research, to be shared with the rest of the network through the ITP blog and website.
  • *optional: a short film capturing your experience, to be shared on the ITP blog and website.

*templates will be provided to support the expected modes of communication and reporting.

Please ensure you have the permission of your institution/employer to attend the conference or carry out the research you are requesting financial support for.

If you would like to apply, please complete the form attached and return it to itp@britishmuseum.org. The offer for 2023 will stay open until the end of the year as long as our funds are available.

Conference support grant application form.

Research support grant application form.