With Siddhant Shah, Museum Access Consultant and Founder, Access For ALL

Ar. Siddhant Shah, founder-director of Access For ALL, is a TEDx Speaker, Universal Design expert, and an educationist, specialising in bridging the gap between disability using cultural heritage. He works with corporations, jails, schools-special education, museums, art festivals, galleries, and heritage sites to make them inclusive through educational and multi-sensory experiential activities, focusing on kids and senior citizens with special needs.

His innovative ‘Inclusive Arts-based Therapy’ binds fine arts and disabilities. He has curated cultural and corporate wellness projects in India, Malaysia, China, Pakistan, Spain, was speed mentor for the British Museum’s ITP+ event in Mumbai, and was selected for Tate Intensive at Tate Modern (U.K.). Shah teaches and lectures on the ‘Inclusive Design Pedagogy’ and all things that intersect with experiential learning. He has worked with Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan to conduct Capacity Building and Training Workshops for teachers and art educators.