The Museums, Money and Medals Network


Last week’s staff breakfast was presented by Gareth Williams and Henry Flynn, from the Department of Coins and Medals, who introduced us to The Museums, Money and Medals Network. The network is a British Museum and Arts Council Britain funded project, which seeks to establish a network of museums with coin, medal and banknote collections.

The Museums, Money and Medals Network is coordinated by the BM, and its two key areas of work are collections mapping, and training. Collections mapping includes visits by colleagues in the Department of Coins and Medals to museums around the country, to view and provide advice on their numismatic collections. Collections are then added to the Money and Medals Network website (see below).

The training side of the network involves the organisation of sessions for the identification, documentation, storage and display of coins, medals and banknotes, as well as promoting lectures, events and numismatic societies around the country.

For more information on the network please see the links below: