ITP Diary 18th August: Qi Yue

I really liked today’s session. In the morning, we learned the theory and practices of national and international loans. This topic is closely related with my daily work at my museum, but my work is in international loans only.

 It is really good to know what is the practice of the BM to manage international loans. Based on mutual understanding and trust, the goal for both the borrower and lender is to make things happen to hold an exciting exhibition together!
The museum assistant role is quite new for us, but the work they do is more like experts with multi-ability. It is really a great job with a lot of responsibility and patience. The arrangement of this role is really helpful and interesting!
I really enjoyed today’s session!


I also got a flower that I bought at the Kew Garden and it is growing! And would to share it with you.



Qi Yue / China