My day on the ITP (Omnia Zaghlol Chehata, Egypt, ITP 2022)

Written by Omnia Zaghlol Chehata, Deputy Director for the Archaeological Affairs (Egypt, ITP 2022)

I’m  Omnia zaghlol Chehatta, I am from Egypt, I’m deputy director for the archaeological affairs in Akhenaton Museum in Minya, as well as supervisor of the departments and administration in the same museum.

Omnia Zaghlol in a museum gallery

I am looking forward to completing my training programme and having a good experience . On Friday I started my day with an interesting presentations from ITP 2022 Senior Fellow Roshan Mishra, Director, Taragaon Museum in Nepal and Julie Adams, Curator: Africa, Oceania and the Americas department. This sessions explored two case studies in repatriation in museums. Roshan discussed the heritage of Nepal, its importance and why it needs to be reclaimed, documented and preserved. Julie told us about a famous carved wooden figure of the God known as A’a, from the island of Rurutu in Polynesia. Julie discussed the biography of A’a and explained why the people of Rurutu should not return home.

Omnia selfie in the British Museum boardroom

And at the end of my day my colleagues and I visited room 3 in the BM to see the special exhibition Shattered glass of Beirut. I loved the vessels of Beirut, it’s a big challenge to collect again the fragments carefully and laboriously reconstruct the vessels.

Eneida is my new colleague, she is from Brazil, she has recently pursued a career as a project consultant for museums. She worked as the director of promotion at the Brazilian Institute of Museums. Our similar hobbies is walking.