Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum dates back to 13 March 1967. It was established by the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR, and at the time was the only museum that was dedicated to the art of carpet weaving. The main purpose of the creation of the museum was to store, research, and demonstrate unique examples of the carpet weaving art, which are examples of Azerbaijan’s national heritage. It was agreed in the 2007 that the museum should be moved to a dedicated new building; in 2014, under the direction of Austrian architect Franz Janz, the museum building was completed. Over the years, the museum has been continuously developed and has become one of the main stores of samples of the Azerbaijan national culture. Today, the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, which is located in one of the country’s most modern buildings, not only stores a rich collection of artifacts and carpets but also operates as the site for the comprehensive research of traditional carpet weaving art and its popularisation within world culture. (Azerbaijan Carpet Museum)

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