Cultural Heritage damage surveys by Layla Salih, Iraq (ITP 2009)

ITP Mumbai 240.jpg

Layla Salih at the ITP Mumbai Workshop 2015

ITP fellow Layla Salih, Head of the Heritage Dept at Nineveh Antiquities State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH), has been surveying the damage to cultural heritage sites in the Nineveh Governorate caused by ISIS (IS or Daesh), with her colleagues from the national cultural heritage sector.

Focusing primarily on Christian sites in Qara Qush in the first instance, there will be a series of reports related to destroyed heritage sites, with surveys taking place in liberated areas and including all religious heritage buildings and sites.

Layla Map.png

Map of Qara Qush

These reports will focus on the most damaged parts of sites, measuring the scale of damage in percentages and documenting the damage with photographic images.

You can read her first report below – we wish Layla all the best in her brave efforts to protect and preserve Iraq’s cultural heritage for future generations, beyond conflict.

Initial Damage Assessment for Cultural Heritage in Nineveh Governorate