In 2020 the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust generously continued their support for the development and delivery of the International Training Programme (ITP). This support enabled ITP Senior Fellows to participate in the ITP Futures legacy project.

The project looked ahead to the future and aimed at developing the best ways in which Senior Fellows can help shape the future of both the annual programme and legacy projects.

A major outcome of ITP Futures was the ITP Advisory Board, the first of which will be a pilot project with the Senior Fellows as the first members. Members of the ITP Advisory Board will assist with the planning and development of current and future ITP projects, and will advise on the ITP from their home countries.


  • To offer advice, formulate opinions and make recommendations that help the ITP programme grow and achieve its goals.
  • To provide helpful perspectives and solid ideas that can give an insight for specific programming like ITP+ courses and the selection of future fellows and senior fellows.
  • To lend skills, guidance, and knowledge for the ITP fellows, having a significant impact in our relationships network.
  • To be the impartial third party that can be a bridge between the BM ITP-Programme and the ITP fellows.
  • To promote the programme in the museum community from our localities and other fellow museum associations.
  • To expand the network through event planning with new and different partners, connecting the programme and the fellows to a new audience.


Senior Fellow Ciprian Dobra stands between two sitting ITP fellows doing an activity

The Advisory Board would love to hear ideas and feedback from the ITP network. If you have an idea for future projects or suggestions for the future of the ITP, complete the form below. Your submission will be shared with the Board at their next meeting.

Advisory board

For fellows to leave feedback and suggestions for the ITP Advisory Board


This can be changed depending on the feedback/comments we want to receive. We could ask a specific questions, request ideas, leave general feedback etc.

Bilwa Kulkarni and Mohamed Mokhtar sit next to each other during discussion