Introduction to Advisory Board

  • What is it is.
  • Objectives.
  • What we do.
  • What else do we need to include here?

The above can be written as just text, or could be divided into sections and matched with images (see example below)


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ITP Senior fellow Roshan Mishra and ITP fellow Lotfi Belhouchet look at activity sheets from the ITP session on museum learning


We can share all documentation in this section. This can include reports, framework/mission statement, meeting minutes, etc.

Meeting 1: 11/01/2023

Interactive element. All submissions will be sent to the ITP email account. This can be shared by the ITP team with the advisory board. Weekly/monthly updates depending on volume of submissions

Advisory board

For fellows to leave feedback and suggestions for the ITP Advisory Board


This can be changed depending on the feedback/comments we want to receive. We could ask a specific questions, request ideas, leave general feedback etc.

Bilwa Kulkarni and Mohamed Mokhtar sit next to each other during discussion

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